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Mom Blog Society - Kelsey MacLean for Back To School

Kelsey MacLean, Founder of Kelsey MacLean, has super nice clothing.

We recently ordered for Jacob, my 5 year old, going to Kindergarten. The clothes are 100% Pima cotton, and are so nicely made. We had little things embroidered on the shirts, and they turned out perfect. Jacob loves his new clothes. I’ve always loved him in a collared shirt, it’s a little more dressy than just a tank top. And, these 100% Pima cotton shirts, keep Jacob cool. He’s not sweaty and hot, like he always was with a tank top on. These shirts are so stylish. And, I don’t want to forget the Bermuda Shorts he got either. He loves the style of them. I also received a Hoodie. It’s really cute. I couldn’t ask for better quality.

Kelsey MacLean not only has little boys clothes, but clothes for little girls, babies, and adults, as well. You won’t find a better quality, or more caring company than Kelsey MacLean. They take the time to make things perfect. Every piece, of clothing I received, is absolutely flawless. Jacob will go to school in style.

The skirt truly is the cutest thing. I am glad I have a boy, but if I had a girl, I would own that skirt for her.

Need Sweatpants for Back To School? Well Kelsey MacLean has them, with a sizing chart included. From size 2T thru 6T, the Sweatpants will fit perfectly.

You will truly love the quality of Kelsey MacLean. I know I do, and even 5 year old, Jacob, does.

Kelsey MacLean is monogrammed, and sent out within 24 – 48 hours. So you will have in a timely fashion. I ordered on Thursday, and received my order on Monday. This was great. I was able to try everything on Jacob, to make sure it fit. And, he loves the monogrammed pictures we picked out.

This truly is a flawless company.

Thanks Kelsey, for making products I can trust on my child’s body.

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