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School Bullying: A Happy Story


Ian in Bully Shirt

When I found out that my 4 year old son was being bullied in daycare, I was livid. I spoke to the school (nicely) and found that they thought this kind of behavior is normal for 4 year old's and made no changes to address the situation. The “problem child” was doing things like spitting, biting, hitting, screaming 4 letter obscenities and acting violently towards classmates and teachers as witnessed by my family members as well as other mothers.  I decided I had to do something to get their attention...

According to the Education Consumers Foundation, “Children’s Behavioral Styles at Age 3 are Linked to Their Adult Personality Traits at Age 26.” The article continues to say, “But that doesn’t mean children with problem behaviors—such as aggression or irritability—can’t learn how to overcome them, according to the authors of a long-running study of how behavior during the early years can predict personality traits in adulthood.”

Admittedly, I became a bit obsessed with the whole situation. What on earth could I do to get the attention of the school? I was envisioning my son becoming the kid who gets made fun of and picked on for the rest of his life. Having endured bullying throughout my school years, I am extremely sensitive to the situation (ADHD, Dyslexia and “Special Schools” did not make me cool). At 3 am on a random night, I woke up with that ah ha moment! I would embroider polo shirts and hoodies with a “Safe School Zone Stop Bullying” logo.

Girl Bully Shirt

I made about a half dozen polos and hoodies for him, and proudly sent my little man to school in his polo shirt the same day that there was an event at the school for parents and teachers. It went off with a BANG. Within a few days, the daycare brought in specialists to deal with the “problem child’s” issues and how to address them. The other mothers and I began to communicate about the situation and how to deal with it. Clearly the child with the problems (whose parents are lovely) is a bright, beautiful little boy who needs professional assistance for his extreme anger issues and violence. What on earth would happen to him at 14? 24? 44? No doubt, EARLY INTERVENTION is absolutely essential, and as far as I can tell, the anti-bully polos/hoodies sent a strong message to the school and administration that the situation could not be ignored and they took immediate action.

The great part is this: that beautiful little boy so filled with anger is getting the experts/professionals who are helping him. The kids in the class often comfort him after her has one of his serious meltdowns, and say things to the boy like “You are doing a good job.”  Or “We love you.” There is a great sense of compassion the children are learning, as well as early intervention for the little boy.

NOTE: The name of the school and children involved are NOT disclosed to protect the privacy of the children, their families and even the school, please respect privacy in this matter.Products are available personalized at

GirlsPolo_PinkWPink_Single No Bully       UnisexPolo_NavyWWhite_Single Safe School Zone

GirlsPolo_WhiteWPink_Single Safe School Zone        UnisexPolo_WhiteWNavy_Single Safe School Zone

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